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3 x 4 ft. PHOTO PRINT for $50?

Ever wanted a massive photo print to fill your wall? I discovered a way to offer a limited set of one of my most popular images for only $50.

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How can I offer a print like this at such a low price?

This printing method is usually reserved for engineering proofs, but I found a printer to work with to run a limited print set. What I noticed when I saw these prints, is that at such a large size, when standing a few feet away, the quality as good as more expensive methods. I notice more detail than I would on a canvas print. The material is light, so it's easiey to hang (see ideas below). 

These are BIG - a whopping 3 ft. x 4ft. (36" x 48")

You can barely find frames this big. You'll need a decent sized space to hang.

300 DPI Print Resolution

That's the same level of detail you get in a photo print.

Easy Poster Mailing

Rolled and shipped in a standard Poster Mailer for easy affordable shipping.


Super Light-weight Paper

The printed material is similar to standard paper weight. Easy to hang with no excessive drilling.

48 Megapixel Quality

This photo is 3 stitched images merge into a vertical panorama,  creating a 48 megapixel image for stunning quality.

Multiple ways to Hang

Add a magnetic poster hanger, or check out some of the creative ways people hang prints like these below.

The Story behind such a unique photo

Watch the video that hit 60,000 views across TikTok & Instagram...

How do these prints compare to other options?

Let's compare what it usually costs to buy prints this large...

Metal Prints - $400-800

Metal & Acrylic Prints are popular for a reason. Image quality is breathtaking. The process uses expensive materials. While metal prints are relatively light to hang, acrylic prints are not.

Canvas Prints: $300-500

Canvas Prints are popular because they're somewhat economical, but at this size, the prices usually jump high quickly due to how much canvas and wood material is needed for construction.

Store Bought = Not Unique

Places like Ikea often have large canvas of very iconic stock photography. These are unoriginal photos printed hundreds of thousands of times. There's nothing inspiring or unique about these.


Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm
Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm

Giant Print - Alabama Hills Snowstorm

A 3 x 4ft. giant print of my popular Alabama Hills Snowstorm image. I was so lucky to capture such a...
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  • Poster Print + Magnetic Hanger

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to receive my print?

Processing takes 2-5 business days. Items are shipped from KS and take and additional 3-7 business days.

How long do the prints last?

I have ordered these types of prints many times in the past . The paper starts to show slight wear after about 12 months depending on humidity and direct sunlight. They do not have a protective coating. I do have one print that's been hanging on my wall with a magnetic hanger for 2 years and it's still holding strong.

Do you ship outside the US?

To keep the cost low, I am currently limiting shipping to the US only.

Can I place these in my own frame?

Absolutly, they look stunning framed and this will help the prints last much longer. Putting them behind glass makes them look high-end and stunning.

Can I hang the print as is, without a hanger or frame?

The paper is light and will wilt of not hung with some structure to help keep it flat. I don't recommend hanging it without additional support.

Can I get a metal print or canvas print of this photo?

Search out site for "alabama" and you will find options to purchase this as one of my standard matboard or metal prints.

5 ideas for hanging your print

From quick and cheap, to DIY mounting...
Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements


Magnetic Poster Hangers look great and homely and keep the print flat and sturdy. You can buy one from this page.

Quick and easy setup


Skeleton Clips - a very cheap option. Since these offer very little support, your print will warp more easily over time.

20D Silicone Coated Nylon Ripstop offers UV resistance and superior waterproofness


You can get crafty by making your own wood frames. Check out this YouTube tutorial.

Large door and vestibules


Mount onto Gator Board - simply use some spray adhesive to mount onto foamcore or gator board. YouTube tutorial.

Large door and vestibules


Frame the print with a frame - using a frame is the best way to preserve the print quality.

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