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Orange County Customer Program

Are you a business in Orange County looking to showcase local photography?

I work closely with local businesses in Orange County in many ways:

  • Providing photos and wall prints to local business and restaurants that want to showcase some of the amazing landscape in Orange County
  • Real Estate companies looking to attract local investors by using local photos on their staged houses. What better way to sell the concept of investing in Orange County property than to showcase local stunning photos
  • Cafes and Restaurants that want to showcase photography from local artists like myself

Some of the ways I work with these businesses:

  • I offer fixed or monthly rates to "rent my photos" and return them when you're done. I keep a stock of framed and canvas wall art that is ready to hang on your walls
  • If you have a space that gets lots of traffic, then I am open to showcasing my photography on your walls for a small rental fee, along with a "for sale plaque". You will also receive commission if a photo is sold
  • I offer a "rent-to-buy" service where you can rent my photos at a monthly fee, and after a period of time, you will own the photo
  • For some customers I will offer packages (5 photos for a monthly fee) and you can swap out the photos each month for a nominal fee.

I am open to ways I can work with local businesses. Please contact me for more details.

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